Magical Realism

Twelve-year-old Sarah Willis begins to see another version of herself in an alternate universe living a (totally weird) parallel life.

As she grows older, Sarah becomes dissatisfied with her mundane, academic life and envious of the wonderfully reckless, daring, and romantic experiences Other Sarah, who becomes a theater director, has.

Risking her reputable career in teaching and her last shred of dignity, Sarah seeks to make their two lives converge by developing relationships with the her-world counterparts of Other Sarah’s friends and family.

When she gets overly invested in the lives of Other Sarah’s ex and his children, Sarah makes many foolish decisions that threaten to tear both Sarah’s worlds apart.

Faced with losing the only life she’s ever actually lived can Sarah make things right and give up the dream of living her other life?

Astrid and Henry, two babies born at totality during the 2017 solar eclipse in Madras, Oregon are blessed, and cursed, with empathetic powers.

Navigating childhood, adolescence, and the young adult years, with all of the discovery, romance, and heartache life has to offer is amplified when you’re an empath.

To her own detriment Astrid heals those she is in closest physical contact with destined to never develop the deep bonds she yearns for.Henry is passed from family to family, holding people accountable for their true needs with his honest and easy temperament while never knowing what his own needs are.

Unaware of the existence of each other and that their unique empath abilities work best when they’re together, Astrid and Henry give themselves away to the wrong people again and again, until it’s almost too late.