Her Other Life – Day Seven

Today I wrote 3,309/5K

I finished the last chapter of Part I. I’m am super, super resisting going back and reading the entire thing now. I so love to edit as I go along, but that is part of what slows me down.

The chapter I wrote today will no doubt need some more added to it when I get to rewrites. I hadn’t fleshed it out as well as the others and had to do more pantsing today than I have on this project before.

Today is a quick post! I’ve got to go get the kids from my folks and help my daughter make some vittles for a Girl Scout potluck at the library this evening.

Tonight, I will start working on my worksheets for Part II (Act II and beyond). Cross your fingers that this next section goes as smoothly as the last has. I’m entering 30K territory, my kiss of productivity death. Lol

Author: Stacey Wallace

Stacey Wallace is the author of The Retroact Saga, Day of Sacrifice Omnibus, Open Door Love Story series, and multiple short stories. Her latest novel, Her Other Life, is a stand-alone novel of magical realism.