All The Things.

First off – today is the last day to get Glimpse and Glimmer for free on Amazon.


The next thing that may be helpful for you all to know is that I’m recovering from a hysterectomy. I went under the knife (uh, laparoscope?) last Monday afternoon and have been chilling at home ever since trying not to think about all of the things I should be doing.

Shout out to Percocet for its help with that. Ha!

Since I knew I was going to be moving kind of slow for upwards of two months – I can’t do lunch lady work for six weeks or help out too much at the kids’ school – I thought now was the perfect time to write a new novel in a new genre using a new system.

I can’t give Percocet any props for these hairbrained ideas because I came up with them prior to surgery.

Anyways…I’m going to start writing Her Other Life tomorrow.  It is a stand-alone novel in the magical realism/psychological mystery genres – like if Time Traveler’s Wife and What Alice Forgot had a book baby – and I expect it to be a bit longer than my usual books.

My goal is to write 5K a day during the week (and use the weekends for co-writing projects and my blog) for three weeks. I have two weeks scheduled in my calendar, but then we run into Christmas and my two littlest girls have their birthdays the week after (they’re turning 8 three days apart!) so it may be the first week of January before Her Other Life is finished.

I plan to briefly blog about writing the book every day – starting Monday the 12th.

Now, why am I so confident that I can get in 5K words a day? I’ve been using the Story Toolkit by Susan Bischoff to work through my ideas –> characters –> locations –> plot points –> acts –> beats and I have figured this book out more than any other I’ve ever done work on beforehand.

As it stands right now, I’ve got Act I of the book broken down into scenes. That is what I’ll be working on this week. Come Friday evening I will begin fleshing out Act II scenes. I considered doing the entire book at once, but past experience tells me that I rebel against my plotter self if there isn’t any discovery to look forward to, so I decided to figure out the scenes prior to writing the next act dependent on what I wrote in the last act.

We’ll see. Ha! It could all be a cluster fuck, but I’m betting it will be less cluster-fucky than usual.

I’m also going to be on the lookout for beta readers.  Since this is a new genre(s) for me to write in I thought I better find some new readers since I can’t expect you all to like paranormal romance and contemporary romance and magical realism. 🙂

So, if you like the work of Sarah Addison Allen, Barbara Kingsolver, Alice Hoffman, and maybe also Liane Moriarity (not Truly, Madly, Guilty – too much of a tease! I couldn’t take it) Jennifer Weiner, and Elinor Lipman, then I think you’re the type of reader who will like my new books.

Drop me a line at or message me on Facebook if you’re interested.

Which brings me to my number one burning question:

Do I need another pen name?

If so:

Stacey Marie Wallace

Stacey M. Wallace

S. M. Wallace

Leave your vote in the comments.

Author: Stacey Wallace

Stacey Wallace is the author of The Retroact Saga, Day of Sacrifice Omnibus, Open Door Love Story series, and multiple short stories. Her latest novel, Her Other Life, is a stand-alone novel of magical realism.