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I think we can agree that I like to write all the things. Paranormal, YA, NA, Contemporary, Memoir, erotic romance, short stories, novellas, novels, poetry…

and I’ve got an audience for all of these genres, but they are so not the same audience.

This leaves me with a career that’s a bit scattered. So, I’m thinking about branding this morning. Who am I as a writer?

The Zellie books are my most popular books – they’ve also been out the longest. Everything I write is fun to write or I wouldn’t write it. Am I first and foremost an Upper YA Paranormal Romance author? I don’t really think so, because even my paranormal is very reality-based. Sure, the characters can rewind time, but they do so while being perfectly normal, trying-to-figure-it-all-out teenagers.

Author Chanda Hahn says I write misfits – that’s my thing. No matter what genre I’m working in, my characters are square pegs desperately trying to jam themselves into round holes. (Even in the memoir essays. Ha!)

I wholeheartedly agree with that. I’d also say that there is an element of romance in everything I write. I mean, what’s the point if there isn’t any kissing? ๐Ÿ™‚

But, how do I turn that into something that readers identify as Stacey Wallace Benefiel? Should I just adopt a tagline of some sort? ย For a while there, I tried to make Write Free or Die my thing, but readers don’t care about that. Next I thought, “Well, all of my books are funny…” So I came up with the tagline, Funny Enough…

That just makes me sound like I’m unsure as to whether my characters are funny – and that’s the only thing I know for sure to be true!

“Crafting Loveable Misfits since 2010!” Barf. Penny Black and Flora Hamilton kick that tagline in the face.

“Not quite right.” Now, I kinda like this one, except it makes me sound nuts.

“Misfit Matchmaker” ย Huh?

This is seriously worse than coming up with titles and I think we all know I just fall back on alliteration for that bidness.

Help me! Let me know in the comments what you think of when you’re telling people about my books. (Uh, assuming you do that…and cheers to ya for it!)

Author: Stacey Wallace

Stacey Wallace is the author of The Retroact Saga, Day of Sacrifice Omnibus, Open Door Love Story series, and multiple short stories. Her latest novel, Her Other Life, is a stand-alone novel of magical realism.

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