Help me choose my new author photo!

Hello! You guys. I FINALLY got new author photos taken by the awesome Aaron Buck at PDX503photo.

I haven’t looked like this in FOREVER:

Stacey Wallace Benefiel


This photo was taken by my mom on Valentine’s 2011, in my kitchen as my ex-husband and I were on our way to visit my sister and new niece in the hospital before we went out to dinner. I literally thought, “I’m wearing make up and a turtle neck sweater, that’s super author-y,” and the decision was made.

Here’s the deal. This photo is everywhere on all the things. I like my hair long, but while I kind of resemble a young Angelica Huston, I’m not crazy about what the angle does to my long ol’ nose. I’ve only worn this sweater once, on this night, and my ex and I kind of forced ourselves to go out to dinner even though I’d been with my sister at the hospital through her many hours of labor. I was so tired!

It was time for a new author pic, and also time for some new family photos of me and the kids, so I did a combo session a few weeks ago. I decided this time around that I would put more thought into the photo, since I now realize that it’s going to follow me everywhere I go for the next few years.

Here’s the thing. Aaron took so many great photos, I can’t decide! Will you help me choose? Check out my favorites and vote for yours in the poll below!


Photo 3


Photo 9
Photo 31


Photo 32
Photo 61



Photo 66



Photo 87


Photo 88



Author: Stacey Wallace

Stacey Wallace is the author of The Retroact Saga, Day of Sacrifice Omnibus, Open Door Love Story series, and multiple short stories. Her latest novel, Her Other Life, is a stand-alone novel of magical realism.

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  1. I love 9, but 3 and 32 look the most like you. I went with 3 because it looked the most “author-ly” to me. Great photos!

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