Dancing Queen does #ROW80

Today is the #ROW80 Twitter party!  Woot!  We’re supposed to post pictures that illustrate the theme “Rock the ROW.”  I couldn’t come up with any pictures that wouldn’t embarrass A LOT of my friends from college, so I chose this beauty from my friend Erica’s Disco Party.

I realize I look homicidal.  It’s because I don’t have bangs.  My fivehead conveys a lot of malice.  Also, how long do you reckon I kept those shoes on?  Yup. Two minutes.  What?  I had to teach everyone how to do the Hustle! (If we ever meet, I can teach you too, don’t feel left out.)

I learned from this guy:

Row80 update: I wrote 600 words on DoS #5 yesterday and then another 1k on a short story I’m working on for my pen name. Good writing day.

I have decided to change my Thursday goal – I’m getting Final Draft, which is screenwriting software – to help me write the TV stuff, so Thursday is learn Final Draft Day. 🙂  The hardest part of writing the Glimpse TV pilot has been the formatting, so hopefully this will help.  To be able to just plug in the dialogue would be wonderful!!

Talk at y’all later.  And….ROCK ON!

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