Bring it on home – #ROW80 update

Man, I am thisclose to finishing Glow and it’s stressing me out!  All the messed up plot points have been killed off and I’ve got the last 4 chapters meticulously outlined, some with dialogue notes even! Four chapters, that’s all that’s standing between me and completing the trilogy.  As Zellie would say, “Ugh. Dude, are you freakin’ kidding me?”

I’m halfway through the first of the last four chapters now.  If you see me dicking around on Twitter or Facebook, call me out.  Humiliate me publicly. (But in a nice way.)

8 thoughts

  1. Congrats! I know it feels good to be so close. I won’t call you out on Twitter – sometimes a short, scheduled distraction can refresh your viewpoint.

  2. I would be such a hypocrite for calling you out. I love you too much. But I really want to read Glow. Maybe I’ll just try to connect with Zellie extratextually, and *she* can bug the crap out of you!
    Wow, though. The end of your trilogy. Very cool. Congrats.

  3. *Girly squeal*

    Ooooh, near the end already. You’re so close! I hope the last few chapters go easy on you. Well done—I had so much trouble with a sequel that I’m in awe of a trilogy. 🙂

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