The Toilet Business Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone that commented and shared your crappy job stories.  The jobs fell into two categories: crappy office jobs where people yelled at you or gross jobs that turned your stomachs. I’ve had both types and both have sucked pretty equally.

I had a hard time picking the winners.  I came up with six contenders, but was only going to give five e-books away.  And if I am going to change the rules and give away six, why not give one away to each person that entered?

So, everyone wins! (This is why I was a horrible manager.  Such a pushover!)

Congratulations to Pamela, Marty, Sharon, Keri, Lara, Claret, Deniz, Cara, Jon, Ro, J.R. and Cindy! I’ll send the Smashwords coupon code to all of you today.  Please leave an honest review on Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble if you feel so inclined.

Happy reading!

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