#ROW80 update

May the fourth be with you.

Had to get that out of the way! 🙂

Quick update: I wrote 811 words on Glow yesterday.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, but I did much deleting and rewriting.  The bastard that is Chapter 11 is now done.  It was a hard chapter for me because so many things happened in it and they all had to happen at the same time. Action, reactions, lost loves reuniting, people saying goodbye, death, two new characters…seriously, Chapter 11 is chock full o’nuts. And all of this is taking place in a city I haven’t lived in for almost 10 years, so that didn’t help either.  How long does it take to get from Long Beach to Westwood these days?  All my SoCal pals are going to have to check my times. 🙂

Also, I finished The Toilet Business and sent it to Sarah.  She did her editing magic and sent it back.  There was one essay that stuck out from the rest.  Written in a different tense, different style and tone.  We talked about cutting it, but I decided to try to rewrite it.  It was about a really pivotal job.  Well, I ended up writing another essay altogether.  Same tone as the odd one, so I think I’m going to mess with the order of things and see if I can’t spread the depressing and the funny out a little bit. 🙂  Hey, my life hasn’t all been roses, y’know?

That’s it.  Hope your writing is going well even if nothing else is.

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  1. And May the Fourth be with you, Stacey!

    811 words seems like a great deal compared to what I’ve written this week, so great job!

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