#ROW80 update and carpal tunnel

I’ve got a brunch to go to tomorrow morning, so I thought I’d do my update this evening.

I worked on Glow every day this week except Thursday, which is the day I used my writing time to outline the remaining chapters. (If you’re confused by why my pantser self wrote an outline, go here to get the full story.)  I managed 5,597 words  this week.  That equals about a chapter and a half, although it really depends on whose chapter it is. 🙂  Zellie gets the most page time, followed by Ben and then Melody.

I’m reluctant to set any goals beyond, “work on Glow,” but it would be nice to finish 2-3 chapters a week. 

I’ve also decided to add to and publish a book of memoir essays. (If you’re confused as to why my “I’m only working on Glow this round” self would do this, go here to get the full story.)

I wrote something like, 1,886 new words on that last night and I think I’ll finish up the essay this evening. That is if my damn carpal tunnel would stop acting up.  I’ve been typing a bit more than usual lately. 🙂

I’m kind of excited to be putting the book of essays out.  A stand-alone!  No pressure to leave just the right amount of cliffhangers.  No trying to remember what color eyes I said a character had in the last book. (‘Cause you know it makes me absolutely cringe to more than skim my previous work.) No next book deadline to meet!


I do have a bunch of mommy essays lying around as well.

I suppose I can save those for round three.


Because I’m not making goals.

Have a good week you all.

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  1. Great progress! The book of essays sounds really interesting. Hope things are working out with having DH at home – I don’t think I could handle it. I need my own music and no tv to write and DH is the opposite…

  2. A book of essays sounds really interesting. Congrats on doing so much writing. Have you tried Dragon Naturally Speaking? The newer versions take a lot less training than they did, the program anyway. Your brain still needs to be retrained to think as you speak.

  3. for someone not making goals you’re doing fine girl – interested in how you get on with memoir essays – been toying with the idea myself for later in the year

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