A few things to think about (just a few since it’s Friday)

Indie authors!  If you would like to donate/bid on items to help out our friends in Japan get on over to Indie Authors Relief Fund. I donated signed copies of Glimpse and Glimmer.  It is incredibly easy to do and, frankly, the least we can do.  To submit donations send an e-mail to: Kristie@KristieCook.com

In other booky news: you know how I was doing all of those interviews a couple weeks back?  A new one (with a killer giveaway) posted this morning over at I’m A Reader, Not a Writer.  I get a little bit silly. 🙂

It’s the Friday before Spring Break in these parts.  Alas, we’ll be rockin’ a staycation at the Benefiel house, but hopefully I’ll get lots of work done and the kids will enjoy a week of pajama wearing. What are you all doing for your Spring Break?  Let me live vicariously.

Have an excellent weekend!

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  1. Just wanted to say Hi. I enjoy your posts so much. This is the last day of my spring break. The highlights were a couple of days in CoMO, and chicken-coop-painting. A week in pajamas sounds much, much better!

  2. I’m excited to hear about your chicken raising adventures! I’d love to live where you do.:) Are you going to name one Biscuit? That’s gotta be the best chicken name ever!! You listed a lot of cute ones.

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