#ROW80 Update

Does anyone else still have that Justin Bieber song stuck in their head from the previews they showed for next week’s Glee last night?  Only me?  Awesome.

Quick update today.  This week has been going pretty well, so let’s not jinx it: Su-246 words on Glow, M-443 on Dormant, 84 on Glow, T-finished 2 blog posts, did final edits on If You Leave again because Sarah wanted to look over it one more time.  Thankfully, no typos, but there was some weird comma action.  I mean, it is, me, so that’s to be expected.

Happy Wednesday!

9 thoughts

  1. I’m behind on Glee so . . . no. 🙂 *Misses Puck*

    There’s always something to edit, or is that just me? 😀

  2. Wow, you have been rocking!!! Keep up the pace, I think you’re making my head spin!!! I think I’m happy that I (for some odd reason) wouldn’t recognize a Bieber tune if it bit me on the foot. Would certainly give me another reason to dislike him on sight, though 🙂 Hope the rest of your week goes as well as the first part 🙂

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