#ROW80 update 7-SWB

Not a lot to report today.  I cut two scenes from Glow on Monday and have been working on weaving the new and improved plot back in.  Don’t know what all that is in terms of word count, but I’d say probably 500 over the last two days instead of each day.  I didn’t work on Dormant on Sunday because of football.  I worked on it quite a bit last week, so I’m not worried about it.  I’ll get to it this Sunday.  As far as other related writing stuff-I redesigned my website and my blog and did two interviews to pair with upcoming reviews of my books.

I slept much better last night and I’m all set up to write the next scene in Glow, so here’s to being productive and getting 500 good words in today.

See ya Sunday!

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  1. I’ve had two good nights sleep and, I swear, I lost three hours this morning because I worked so hard. Sleep is magic, I had forgotten how good it is. 😉

    Good luck, you’re doing fab.

  2. I just cringe when I hear someone say they’ve cut whole scenes. I have such a hard time cutting stuff out. I come more near needing to add stuff rather than cut stuff. Isn’t it interesting how all writers are so different…but very much the same, too?

    I haven’t forgotten about reviewing Rebellion. I’m so far behind in posting reviews! I hope to catch up tonight.

  3. When I cut stuff I put it in a folder in case I want to use some of it again. That makes it easier. I always have to beef up too-in fact, I’ve only written a few new paragraphs and have been going back from the beginning (again!) and adding more. The first chapter is going to be really, really good. LOL

    Don’t stress about the review, I’ve got several I’m supposed to be doing too. Although, if you do review it, please post it on Amazon because it currently has one 5, one 4, and one 3 and I don’t know how that is helpful to anyone who decides to buy a story based on reviews. 🙂 And if you’re going to give it a 2, give it a 1 instead to even things out. Ha!

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