Are two better than one?

I’ve got some super deep and philosophical questions to pose as per usual, but first, Amanda Hocking reminded me that it’s Jim Henson’s birthday so I thought I’d post this sweet print my sister did of him:

You can see more of her work at  She hasn’t updated her site in a while because she’s preggers and an artist and a teacher, so she basically works and sleeps.  Go through the archives, there is much to enjoy!

All right, Deep Thoughts with Stacey can now commence.  Remember that WIP Day of Sacrifice that I thought I’d be able to bust out in a week?  Well, it is acting up and not listening to anything I say.  Somehow my urban fantasy short story has turned into a paranormal western romance.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I created that genre.  I can’t keep the characters from trying to get together.  I mean, all this really scary and serious stuff is going on around them and all they wanna do is stare at each other.  I think it needs a romance intervention.  There was supposed to be sex in it, but the characters are so hell-bent on falling in love, that it is taking forever. LOL  I’m so not in charge of this.

So, I was thinking (Danger! Danger!) that perhaps I need more than one point of view.  In Glimpse and Glimmer it was easier for me to move the story along by switching point of view.  And if I can’t move the story along, Day of Sacrifice is going to turn into a romance novella instead of the short story I was going for.  Does it make more sense for people to fall in bed more quickly if we know what both of them are thinking?  Am I copping out?  Its been hard for me to write only one point of view, seeing as I am the creator of both characters voices-why not relate both of their thoughts as well?  But the challenge of writing a single point of view adult PNR short story has caused me to turn it into something else.  And although I let it get away from me, I really like what’s happening in the story. (This is why I don’t think I can be a real plotter.  I like surprises.)

What are your thoughts on POV?  How many do you like to read?  To write?  Do you think it aids in moving the story along or is a cop out?

These are just my thoughts for this Friday as I contemplate whether or not to add in Julian’s point of view to Day of Sacrifice over the weekend.  My brain is occupied with this and a list of things I need to get at Target, I figured you all could help me out with this. 😉

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  1. I’m a big believer in dual POV. As both reader and writer, I like to know what both the h/h are thinking. PNR Western? Sounds good to me, if difficult for you. Good luck wrangling this one.

  2. Thanks! I’ll need it! I’m thinking of doing two 3rd person POV’s instead of my usual one 1st and one 3rd. I don’t know, this short story was supposed to challenge me, so I might as well try something different. 😉

  3. I think it’s easier to write sex in third person. I guess I don’t mind telling you about their sex life, but I don’t want to tell everyone about mine. Even if it’s not mine… what was I saying again?

  4. Why should multiple POVs be a copout? I think it’s a lot more interesting to know what multiple characters are thinking. And I especially prefer to have both hero and heroine in romance because, well you just should!

  5. I was really only asking if it was a copout for myself because I have yet to write anything with only one POV. I like reading and writing multiple POV, but sorta wanted to challenge myself to writing from only one and was having a hard time doing it. But, you’re right, it is pretty much a must in romance or else it turns into Bella whining about Edward for 600 pages. There’s a reason everyone wants to read Midnight Sun. 🙂

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