Beaverton Valley Times article

*I’m getting ready to go camping for the weekend, so I’ll talk to you all on Monday. 

Howdy.  So here’s the link to the Beaverton Valley Times article:

I sound like myself, which is nice.  My mom is gonna be super proud I said sucked and crap in the interview. LOL Also, there’s a weird sentence that makes it sound like I don’t edit my books.  Otherwise, I’m pleased and will now be going to the Safeway to get a few copies.

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  1. You’re so funny, you always crack me up. I’m sure you’re mom’s proud of you anyway. The crap/suck just makes it extra special. I guess the moral of the story is to always use cuss words not fit for print? Let’s see ya quote that.

    Anyway, very nice article. I hope everyone in town races to get their copy. They should.

  2. I need a copy!! Excellent article. Almost done with Glimmer…gotta go finish it up right now! 🙂

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