The drunken karaoke scene lives!

I put it back in.  They said it made the beginning slow, but c’mon, it’s drunken karaoke!  In all seriousness, I’d excised 5 whole pages from the beginning so I don’t think adding 2 back in is gonna kill the flow.  I also added back in two paragraphs from the first chapter that show the first interaction between Zellie and Avery.  I know the book is about Zellie, but in Glimpse Avery gets a little word count too.

Not so much in Glimmer…

I also worked on that baby today in between the kids not napping, the hubby fighting with Verizon about our always craptastic internet service, and trading e-mails with a bilingual musical theatre camp director that I’m trying to convince to audition for the children’s show I’m directing this summer.  I managed to add 2 more pages, but would’ve gone for 10.  Which begs the question, why the hell am I sitting here writing to myself when I should be writing that?