Glimpse mania! Uh, catch the fever.

Glimpse is for sale on Amazon!  AND it only looks mildly craptastic!  Who the F knows what happened to the chapter headings-some are in the correct place, some are in the middle of the page, some clear at the bottom-but other things I worried about, like the letter Zellie’s grandma writes to Zellie’s mom showing up because it’s italicized, look great!

I could not be more excited.  I am the mayor of dorktown. I saved my receipt from Amazon when I bought my own book for my own kindle which I already had it on.  I know.  No.  I KNOW.  Huge dork.  I mean, I self-published it, what did I think would happen?

Now the hubs-who is also a writer, er poet-wants to start our own e-publishing outfit.  I said sure and have been looking stuff up on the Internets about it.  First things first-my ass has to learn how to format properly so that the “chapter heading debacle of April 2010” as I’m going to call it, doesn’t happen again.  I’m thinking we should publish YA, Chick Lit, Poetry, and Romance.  No erotica, there’s enough other pubs for that.

Ack!  I’m spazzy and all over the place and absolutely filled with reckless abandon!  What of *Glimmer*?  I’m in the zone on that puppy as well.  On the mornings the hubs gets up with the kiddies, instead of sleeping in I lie in bed and think about books.  I know exactly what’s going to happen in *Glimmer* now.  Just gotta keep plugging away and writing out a few quality pages a day.  Exciting stuff!

And now I have to go figure out what to make the kids for lunch.

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  1. bah… just dump a pile of Cheerios and Goldfish crackers on the floor. 🙂 ok I’m buying it now… 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Stacey! Of course if the craptastic aspects bug you, you can always resub it for Kindle. If you download Calibre (free) you can view it to see how it looks before you submit, plus dtpamazon has a preview screen, though theirs isn’t as user friendly as Calibre. There’s a good guide for publishing your ebook elsewhere; How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for FREE.

  3. Great. BTW, I should have mentioned how many laughs I got reading your post!
    I also should have left Calibre’s link – It’s a great tool for converting formats and for viewing as the devices would see the ebook. It doesn’t accept Word .doc however. For converting Word .doc to .epub and .mobi, I recommend
    Any questions? Just shoot them over to me.

  4. You probably here this a lot but i really love your book . Love to see what happened next to Zellie, Avery & the rest of the characters. unfortunately ive already checked high & low but i think your books isnt available in any major bookstore here in my country. also,were not much of a credit card people here so i am really sad wont be able to know what happened till it is become available here in paper. hope its soon

  5. Where are you located and by what means did you read Glimpse? I could do some investigating and see if I could get you the other books. 🙂

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